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Mumbai the sex capital of India.

Mumbai has a very rich and diverse culture that has been ran by the successive wave of settlers in the city. Each of the area took a distinctive culture with the first type of immigrants that settled there. For example, near the harbors it was primarily the koli samaaj (fishermen) community that defines the area till this day.

Immigration also meant that there were a lot more men than women at least initially. So, they started a insatiable demand for sex throughout the city, so much that there are now dedicated communities of prostitutes in Mumbai. Like kamatipura, grant road, rhea road station lane, chatrapati shivaji terminus (CST) station footpath, Ghatkopar station road lane , juhu beach to SNDT college road, etc. Usually the girls have done all the settings etc with the cops, so you won’t’ usually be bothered about that.

In order to find the girls in kamatipura, you should go to that place and you will find a lot of brothels there. The brothels are nothing but either a large building with a lot of small rooms. Or a small house with a few rooms usually shared with a madam and his girls. You will find the pimps on the street lurking around looking for customers for their escorts/prostitutes/hookers/gasti etc. Whatever you want to call them.

Mumbai Escorts Services

Mumbai is a city of immigrants, by immigrants from all over India. If you would ever visit any of the main railway stations in Mumbai. Such as church gate or CST or any of the nearby stations. You will see that this city never sleeps. Guys as well as girls come from all over India to make their dreams come true.

The dream is usually to make a lot of money, or to make a lot of name in Bollywood industry ( Bollywood = Indian movie industry). Daily tons of people land in this city to try their luck. But lady luck does not smile on all of them. It takes hard work, grit, determination. And a bit of good luck to succeed in Mumbai. The one who succeed become something worth remembering. The ones who don’t’ succeed, end up in dark alleys of Mumbai. A lot of really beautiful girls in Mumbai who land in this place like to be an actress. End up in various brothels or whorehouses in Mumbai.

And they end up working as escorts in Mumbai or call girl in Mumbai. Even prostitution in Mumbai has a major competition in Mumbai. If you see it that way, and a lot of demand as well. So, if you are good face and body, if nothing else, you can always make good money as a hooker in Mumbai.

Life in Mumbai is very fast, from a child to an old man. You will always see everyone moving. The city is highly congests and there is no scope of any expansion for the city.

Because it is surrounds by sea on three sides. Only scope of its expansion is via development of satellite cities like Navi Mumbai. Or development feeder cities like Nagpur and Pune etc.

7 districts consume by Mumbai. west Mumbai, east Mumbai, harbor suburbs, north Mumbai, South Mumbai, south central Mumbai, north central Mumbai. In popular parlance, it is calling as Amchi Mumbai. Or my Mumbai, Amchi meaning us in local Marathi language.

Mumbai as a city has a very long history dating to at least 2 millennia. However, it practically ongoing as a matter of history in year 1498. When the area learnt by the Portuguese from the sultan of Gujrat.

Though, they cannot switch it for long because it is certain over to the English in 1668 as a dowry in marriage. Later it was let to east India company for just 10 pounds a year.

They complex the 7 islands in a large landmass, which even driven till 1960’s. it had a ton of industries throughout but after the strikes of 1960’s most of the textile industries got kaput from the state itself. Mumbai then different itself to a service built city, with very high rate of growth.

City takes a very good climate due to it being next to Arabian sea. There is usually a pleasant weather however, due to encroachment of meethi river with slums etc. Rains have become a huge issue in Mumbai. The city seems to get submerge in water many feet deep when it rains heavily. There was a massive rain in 2005 when rains give rise to in death of thousands of people.

How to move on in life

There are always going to be high class prostitutes, call girls and escorts in Mumbai who are so nice. So, cute that they will melt your heart and make you fall in love with them. But you must always remember that they are just a client. Or a customer, having said that love has no logic. So, if you do fall in love and you breakup, then how do you recover emotionally?

Here is a list of various things you can use to get that love out of your system, for good.

Go for Support

Go for a close friend who can provide you with emotional support. A mature enough person who can analyze the situation. And tell you what you need to know to get the person out of your mind.  Make sure the solution is activity based and not opinion based. That is you are not critically analyzing the situation. You want to get out of it. Its like analyzing how something got happened. That thing already has happened, now it needs to be fixed ( let go of emotionally).

Choose right type of friends.

There is an old saying that says that if you want to know what type of a person an individual is. Then you should analyze his friends. As people tend to surround themselves with their mirror images. So you should always surround yourself with people who are positive. Can live their life to the fullest, pleasure company in Mumbai, and overall help you in your life emotionally. Don’t take the negative people in your life who think that everything negative. That happens in their life is due to their fault.

Be someone worth loving

After a breakup it is very easy to think that you worthless and unlovable. You are not, you just have to see to it that you become the best version of yourself. Someone who is worth loving, worth remembering and worth being a part of life itself. You will have to remember that there is nothing that is wrong with you. You are not right but you are not wrong either in whatever that you do.

A breakup usually means that you have not find the right or wrong that is right for you. You should learn to move on and go for the next. There are 8 billion people in this world, 4 billion of opposite sex. You can’t be that bad, who cannot find your type of girl or guy out of those 4 billion people? Get some new clothes, new shoes, go out in fancy restaurants. Go for the amusement parks and have the scariest ride on them, go for skydiving. In the end, just feel alive. That’s all.

Fool around

Promise yourself that you will fool around with girls. Stop seeing them as future girlfriends or future wives. Just see them as potential fuckbuddies in Mumbai that’s all or if you the decent types. Then see them as potential good friends for future.

Don’t’ try to judge them based on how they look or anything and most certainly don’t’ compare them to your ex. Because no matter how much you compare the person to your ex. And how much similar you want them to be like them. Never forget why they are your ex.

How to deal with cheating in a relationship

There are always going to be some people who will cheat in a relationship, they themselves cannot help it as they are so smitten by the thrill of having an affair with an escort or a call girl in Mumbai. There are multiple ways you can prevent that from happening. And handling it maturely if the affair has already happened.

First decide what do your options are. Usually in a infidelity situation there are just 3-4 options that are left for the other partner. Those are – stay quiet and ignore, divorce or separation, a huge drama. Or trying to get the other partner back on the right track.

If your partner is a very powerful person (Super rich or super sexy or plain does not care types. Then there is nothing that you can do other than to stay quiet and look the other way. That is especially a viable option if the other party is taking care of you emotionally, physically and financially. And you would not be able to take care of that by yourself.)

If your you are stronger and you can take care of yourself. Then tell him about it, try to get his affair to close down, and if he does not stop. Divorce him for every penny he has. And move on in life because you can never be comfortable with a guy. Who sleeps around with different women even after he is married to you.

If you are a homely Mumbai girl, then you can try to get his family involved and create a huge drama in his life. Be careful though as it should be in moderation. You never want a situation in which he is so fed up from you. And his life that he runs away , leaving you high and dry.

He will usually be able to find some work and feed himself. But you wont’ be able to do that (traditionally women are not expect to provide for themselves)

Fourth and one of the best options under certain circumstances is to get the guy on the right track.

Understand why is the guy running after that girl. Is she physically sexy, that is the guy is running after sex only, or she is providing some more entertainment as well. And she is a genuinely nice person to be with.

In that case you should become better and nicer person than she is have fun a bit better, smile a little wider, food a little tastier etc. What you must do is to reduce the other girl to a mere sex object. And make sure your man is taking the fun and emotional support from you. And not the other girl in Mumbai, he will get bored from her in a few days/weeks/months. As sex without fun never lasts long.

What if you are a friend and you came to know about your friend’s affair with a Mumbai call girl?

There are multiple things that you should consider while handling this situation. First of all see what type of a fling it is, and if you know his wife or girlfriend in Mumbai. If the fling is of a physical only type. And your friend is not going to destroy his marriage or relationship because of it, then stay quiet.

If you know his wife/girlfriend and those are very dear friend of yours. Then tell the guy that what he is doing is very wrong. You wont’ tell his girlfriend or wife right away. But you expect that fling to be ended soon enough.

Also be clear that you wont’ be directly getting involved in the mess but if her girlfriend or wife asks you about it. You are not going to jeopardize your own integrity and friendship by lying to her face. In that case he will have to suffer the consequences alone.

How to decide when its time to move in with partner.

Once you have made everything clearer in the mind that the person is the one of your dreams. And you can see a future for yourself as a family in future. Then comes the next part of moving in. decide what you want to do , how and why.

Are you just trying to save rent only?

Moving in with a partner should be an emotional decision based on clear logical outcome that you expect.

If you are just trying to save rent by moving in together. And justifying it to yourself that you love the other person. Then maybe you should not move in together. There are other ways to save on rent money rather than to involve love in financial decisions. In the finish both of you two will be upset by the relationship as well as the situations and close getting hurt.

Peer Pressure

If you are in pressure to move in with the person just because your friends say that it is. Then probably you must not do it.  Because moving in together is a sensitive result.

If you are being spoken into it by your peers, then you will end up getting hurt. Because a hesitancy usually means that you are not complete to take the fall yet. Or there is some lingering doubt in your mind. Both of which must be empty before you agree on taking this major decision in life.

Is there any future of the relationship?

Women see moving it has a big milestone in relationship before marriage. Where do you see yourself with the person you are moving in ? is he a husband material or just  a fling , a hormone induced heat of the moment.

Before moving in ask your partner and yourself where do you see yourself as a couple in a few years from now, with kids, religion, property etc. and if you are satisfied with what the other person has in mind, then only consider moving in.

What is your work?

This is a trivial question, but this is one question that becomes a starting point of a lot of fights later on.

Who will do what in the house. You cannot expect the guy or the girl to do everything in the house, as that is only going to become a huge issue later on. Decide firsthand what are you going to do in house. Like clean dishes or laundry or cooking or cleaning or bills or rent or whatever that comes to your mind.

Test out the waters.

It’s a very good idea to actually spend a few days at the place multiple times that way you will get the feel of the place. And you will understand how the life is going to look like if you do decide to move in together.

If you don’t’ like it then you can always not take the major step in leaving your existing place. And it will also ensure that you are not being pressured into living with a person you are comfortable with. It will also help you to evaluate your relationship with the other person, a lot of people are good in talking, dating. And bed, but they are terrible roommates or husbands or even wives.

How to deal with a fight with Mumbai escort

There are a few reasons why you would go with the fight with a Mumbai escort service, first and foremost is always the money. You should remember that she is coming for you, and providing you her body to fuck. So, that she can have some money for herself.

If you renegade on your promise for the amount you have initially offered her. Then you would get into the fight with the call girl of Mumbai, and don’t’ forget that the Mumbai girl is a feisty one. She would not care about your opinions or your reputation.

There are many things that you can do that would help you calm the situation down. Because no matter what happens, please don’t’ forget that she is just a prostitute. She does not care about her reputation but you do very much and she knows that. So, she would do everything she can do to ensure that you do not take undue advantage of her.

First of all CALM down, try to count your breaths as it has proven time and again to be one of the most effective ways to calm the nerves down. And remove that fight or flight response from the mind, thereby allowing you two to talk sensibly.

You can also try to relax, and touch her on her forearms and other non-sexual body parts to calm her down. And show her that you are on the same side, you are the customer and she is sexual service provider in Mumbai. Ultimately you both have something that each other wants, and fighting wont’ get it to you.

Try to remove yourself from the situation if you two are both too angry to talk and unable to talk sense. Just go to a bathroom or someplace for a few minutes. And talk to a mirror or something, and try to calm down.

You will be surprise that when both of you can remove yourself from the situation you two can resolve the situation in a much more humane. And workable way, and more importantly it allows you to ignore/ and no reply to very much avoidable provocations of the other person.

Change the whole frame of the situation by using humor. Try to exaggerate the situation many fold, so much that it becomes difficult to not laugh even in that anger situation for both of you. For example , when she says something nasty, then you can say something like and your like French fries with that. She will for a few moments not understand it and try to make sense of it and when she does. She will either laugh or at least calm down a bit allowing you to talk sense to her.

Agree to their viewpoint, but don’t agree to the situation. Try to say something like I agree with your  views but that doesn’t’ mean that it’s the same. You are correct but that does not mean that I am wrong either.

Make it a type of a situation in which you either both are wrong or both are right. But in any case she will be on your side instead of against you, making your life hell.

Apologize – take the moral high ground and make it all about love. Don’t’ admit the serious guilt that will be used in future but say something like, I wish I could have handled the situation a bit better than this or something like I wish I had not done that which resulted in us being in this situation. That way you can calm her down and disarm her emotionally.

If its not physically violent issue that goes more towards the breaking the law. Then the best therapy is plain good old steamy sex. Start undressing right there (assuming you are in private) and just get her, undress her and go for the kill. Soon enough you both will be forgetting what you were fighting about.

Be very careful about this point though because this will constitute forced sex which is against the law. And if it doesn’t’ work out, she can always go to the police and claim forced sex.

That’s 20 something years in prison. Don’t’ make the stupid mistake of doing it , take circumstances in consideration when doing it.

What If the call girl or escort in Mumbai rejects you

There are always going to be situations in which you are reject by the opposite sex. You have to first understand that rejection is almost never because of you. It is usually because of user’s own circumstances. She might have gone through a bitter breakup, or her house rent might be due that day. Or she might have her periods or a million other things. So never take rejection to the heart.

Here are a few ways by which you can handle rejection on your own.

Ask yourself, does the person know you, I mean does he know the real you? He might have gone on a date with you’re a few times or fucked you a couple of times in a Mumbai hotel for girls. But does he know you on an individual level.

Spending a few hours in total together does not mean that the girl or the guy knows you. It takes a lifetime of togetherness to know a person. So if a person does not call you or text you back after a while.

Its his or her loss not yours, because they don’t know the real you. Never make something about you only there might be a thousand different things. Why the person is not contacting you back. If you really actually love him or her just call him. And ask him clearly what does he want and how you are feeling.

Usually they will tell you the reason. Don’t’ make everything about you, like they are rejecting you which they usually are not.

Every date is a stepping stone to finding the next good one. Each experience you have either good or bad is a learning experience. That will tell you about how to get to know a person and what are your own trigger points. What to do and what not to do in a relationship. Think of a rejection as a thank you note for getting out of way so that you can find your own true love.

You don’t’ want him now.

A person that does not value you for what you are is not worth your time like Merilyn Monroe once said , if you can’t handle me at my worst you certainly don’t deserve me at my best.

A person that is not ready  to commit on relationship is not worth committing to. And if you force relationship on a someone who is not ready for a commitment. Then you are not going to be in a healthy relationship yourself.

You will not only hurt yourself by investing so much. But also prevent him from pursuing his dreams as well. So go in a relationship only when both of you two are ready for it.

Be better

Relationships with escorts in Mumbai are always fraught with issues.  Whenever you will enter a relationship you will always come to understand that whoever came in your life is helping you understand yourself. Showing you the mirror and tell you what you are doing wrong in life.

When you are breaking up always assess why you over up where you are. Is it because you two are not compatible or you are reliably choosing guys who are the proverbial frogs to a princess. In any case it will help you choose the right princes and circumvent the frogs of life.

Some tips and tricks for new relationships.

There are always going to some differences when dealing with a Mumbai escort services but there are always some good basic rules of relationships which will come in handy with almost every relationship you have.

Looks of a person are just like a shiny object, it can attract you enough to get close to a person and get to know her. But as soon as she will open her mouth, you will know her worth. No matter how much beautiful a person is. If she cannot make you laugh or you cannot make the escort laugh.

Your relationship won’t get far at all. Its all about chemistry with a person. If you cannot go elsewhere the looks of a person to talk to her you won’t’ be able to get anything done anyways. I mean what is the point of having the best supermodel in the world sitting with you. But not being able to talk because she talks in single syllable, like yes, no, OK fine etc.

In other words, looks are important initially, being able to spend time with each other without getting bored is the key to a great relationship with the escorts of Mumbai.

Past is past, keep it there.

Past is supposing give you experience in life, to make sure that you don’t’ repeat the same mistakes twice. But what past is not supposing do is to be the driving force in how you are supposing live your present.

If you got burn with a relationship in your past, that does not mean that you will get burn with your new relationship as well. In terms of relationship with the Mumbai escorts.  It is supposed to show you that you should not open too much , too soon with a call girls of Mumbai .

Don’t’ shut your door to your heart out but just give in a sneak peek to the heart. So, if it doesn’t work out, you are not hurt emotionally too much or overcome.

Analyze yourself

Take a look at your previous relations and understand what was the issue that made the older relationship go dead. Is It you, was it her, was it incompatibility or was It over reaction to something?

You will getting help from a reliable friend who knows both of you and try to improve on it. And if possible to not repeat the same mistake again. Never be in the mindset of being the person who blames everyone. But himself for the mess that is create.

There is a saying in india that roughly translates to “ taali ek haath se nahin bajti” meaning you cannot clap with one hand. It’s a metaphor for that a problem does not arise with one party  only. There is always something someone else has done that has resulted in the current situation with the top call girl of Mumbai.

Don’t’ go in for sex too soon.

IT is difficult to tell any guy to hold on for sex for a bit of time, especially if he is paying for the time of Mumbai escorts. But if you want a meaningful relationship with the escort, you should probably wait out a bit. And get to know the escort before you start investing yourself emotionally with her.

In the end, she is just an escort and a call girl of Mumbai who knows how to get more and more cash out of you. And you should be experienced enough to know how to hold onto the money , till when and how much.

Go in for the sex when you are comfortable with the girl and know how good she is going to be. Don’t’ go in emotionally too much and see her as a future wife. Because she is NOT , never going to be your future wife. She is just a body whose heart lies somewhere else. You are there for the sex only. Never forget that.

Don’t’ be too available.

Worldwide psychologists have a consensus that if you make something available in abundance, it will diminish its value, and if something is low or no value then nobody is going to want it.

Same is true with relationships as well. You ideally want to be available for the escort at opportune time but never be too available, don’t’ be the guy who is available 247 with his dick in the hand ready to fuck whenever she wants it.

You would ideally want to meet her once or twice in a week and keep in touch reasonably over the phone. Don’t’ try to play childish games with the escort. Talk when you are free ( not all the time) take it slow. Grow herself on you and grow yourself on her (metaphorically not literally).

What do you want in terms of output from the relationship with the top escort of Mumbai.

Whenever you see a beautiful face of a girl from Mumbai you will have instinctively started imagining scenarios of life with her, like what type of kids you will have with her, or how good is she going to be in bed , what type of girlfriend she is going to be  etc.

Please don’t’ . first of all you want to decide what do you want from a relationship is it just to get the girl in bed or just for a time pass dates for a few days or a long-term girlfriend or a wife you want to grow old with.

You have to be clear on your requirements and try to get it through the partners ear in second or third date itself so you both don’t’ end up investing too much in a relationship in which both of you have different expected outcomes out of the relationship.

Be honest with each other and you two will have a relationship that is going to make life worth living.

Don’t’ be too judgmental in a relationship.

You don’t’ want to be judgmental in a relationship with the beautiful call girl of Mumbai because nobody is perfect. Everyone has some character flaws. You , yourself are not perfect as much as you want to believe.

So accept the person as she is and not try to force your opinion of what is right or wrong on her. Patience is a virtue that is best learnt with experience in its place of getting hasty in it.

Be real, be Raw.

You want to show yourself on your best behavior from the start for a good impression but you don’t’ want to pretend to be a completely different person just because so that you can get in the skirt of an Mumbai escort. In any meaningful relationship you will need to be the best man you can be but also don’t’ become someone you are not.

If you don’t’ need kids then say so, don’t’ lie on these decisions because it will only end up breaking the relationship when you both are too emotionally invest in relationship and you both will end up getting very hurt emotionally, kind of becoming a proverbial hurt goods.

Never be an attention whore.

There are many people who become a train wreck the minute they see that the other party is not responding to their messages or returning their calls. Being such a childish needy person is only going to diminish your value in front of the girl. Don’t’ create the situation in which you revolve around her life.

You should be living your life, the way you want to live it pursuing your interests to the fullest. Nobody likes a needy person in their life who is constantly looking for validation from her. She would want a provider in her life, who can provide her with all the emotional, financial, physical support and not a needy one who would need all of these from her.

Trust the gut.

Does something feel off about her, is she being nice more than what the situation demands, is she laughing on a joke that isn’t funny, is she pretending to like you but in your heart, you know that she doesn’t trust your own instincts more than what anyone else tells you.

It’s your life in the end and you are going to reap the fruits of your relationship with the escort in Mumbai. So if it doesn’t’ feel right. Get out.


She is a Part of your life, not your life itself.

Whenever you meet someone new in your life, you will always feel that she is the one and the world spun everywhere her. You will dream about her 24×7 and always imagining things with her.

But you must put it in clear terms in your skull that why she might become a vital part of your life one day, she isn’t now and in any case, she is going to be just a part of your life. don’t abandon your friends and family for a girl (emotionally) because when the relationship breaks, they are the support you will want to get back on your feet.

Understand about your love.


You should always try to understand your love, what are her motivations, what are her goals in life and her past etc. there are a few questions you can ask her which can tell her how she wants to see herself when she gets old. Ask when she does what does she want written on her tombstone.

Whatever she tells you will become the basis of your relationship with her. All her dreams, desires will be on those few sentences.

How to tell if he is cheating with you with an escort.

Sometimes you will have a nagging feeling that your man is cheating with you with an escort in Mumbai. Finding an escort is not more difficult than to find a restaurant or ordering a pizza online now a days due to the proliferation of internet.

There are tons of classified websites that tend to advertise adult related services in their sections such as adult massage, body to body massage, call girls in Mumbai, Mumbai escorts, escort service in Mumbai, strip show in Mumbai, bar dancers of Mumbai etc. and as the nature of the business suggests, there is no shortage of clients as well as girls ready to make a quick buck.

How to know if your husband is cheating with a call girl in Mumbai.

There are many things which, in itself might not be obvious, but in totality create a fully different picture. As it is usually say, that sum of all parts is sometimes different than the specific parts.

For example, going to do some minor work late at odd hours of night and when they come back , they take a shower OR they take a shower and then go for some minor work all suited up as if they are going on a date or a high class business dinner.

Texts or calls late at night at odd hours and not only that, they try to actively hide the conversations from you like going to another room to talk or roof when you are in the room, say that they are taking a walk for long hours.

Typically, that is a sign that they don’t’ want you to know of rather, and other than a serious financial or legal issue, there is only third option that is left, which is affair with a Mumbai escort.

Check his internet browsing history.

Any guy whenever he starts with the idea of cheating does not go to an escort out of thin air. There is always a sort of a step by step for it.

First of all, they start to surf porn websites which have some sort of a cheating element to it. and steadily they start to go to Kinki stuff, then they will start to like certain stories which have an adultery element to it.

Then they will start to see websites which have element of adultery or adultery promoting website , such as Ashley Madison, or websites which seem to promote extramarital affairs. Then they will start googling for keywords such as escort service in Mumbai or call girl in Mumbai and similar type of keywords.

You can check it via their browser history.

Then it’s time for you to start to get nervous because your husband is no longer happy with you.

How to increase attraction between you two.

There are many ways you can increase the sexual tension between you two the most famous and effective way is role playing.

In a role play scenario, client and the Mumbai escort act in a way that creates a movie like situation. In which both of them are playing a character.  And one is trying to seduce each other. Or even just playing the role of movie characters which both of them love like Cinderella (adult’s version) Snow white etc.

Here are a few scenarios which might help you spice up your sex life.

Woman and electrician – in this scenario the guy will enter the house to repair something electric and he will find the woman.

All dressed up in really provocative clothes trying to seduce him. Guy should resist the urge to fuck the woman as much as he can but in the end fuck her veins out.

Teacher and student – in this scenario one of the partners will be a student and one will be a teacher. Also of the two can be play by anyone, but a male teacher being seduce by a horny teenager with skinny clothes seems to work the best.

The man should try not to give in to the temptation for bedding her, and let the woman try to seduce. Let her taste the medicine of seduction, how hard it is to seduce a girl (or a guy).

Escort and client – in this scenario there will be an escort and a client. Client will ask escort to do whatever he likes, and the escort will do that without question. It is a great exercise in domination of the mind body and soul of the other party plus it can get all your hidden needs and thoughts out.

You two will be much closer afterwards.

Princess and the thief – in this situation the guy will become the thief and he will snitch in the girl’s room who will be dress and acting as a princess. He will hide in some closet. When princess will come in the room he will turn off the lights and take full control over her body and make passionate love to her, forcefully.

There are a few things that are essential in this circumstance, for example, you don’t’ want a situation in which there is a real thief in house and he ends up fucking your wife. So make sure both of you have some safe words or code words you can use to know that you are sleeping with the right person.

As with any marriage or relationship, with time there will be familiarity and loss of excitement due to predictability. And with loss of excitement boredom will come. Boredom will make your spouse ( or in some cases even you) to look for excitement in the abode of other people.

These small sex games should be able to prevent the boredom from creeping in the relationship thereby preventing your spouse from going in for a Mumbai gigolo or male prostitute in Mumbai or an escort in Mumbai that might also be called as call girl in Mumbai.

Try to enjoy life as it is and remember that sleeping with other women by paying them does not make your guy a cheater ( in current times) spending money on them for anything except for sex is not.

How do you start dating an escort?

What would you do if you are a 30+ year old male, who never had a girlfriend before.  You are a good listener, care for other person, not much in terms of looks or body, quite shy but not a creep. Also you can do all the work that is needed to be done around the house, and do whatever that has to be done to protect the people you care about. You are probably a virgin and your confidence is dropping like a rock because you never find anyone who seems to be remotely interested in what you are as a person. it almost feels like you are a dead weight on the world, or unworthy human. How do you get started with the girl?

Welcome to being the ideal customer of an escort in Mumbai.

First of all you have to understand that there is no right or wrong in relationships. If you had started in age 14-16 years, you would have had many friends, and out of those friends a few would have graduated to being your girlfriends with breakups and you would have gained valuable experiences yourself.

But you are not in that situation any more, you are 30+ and you should not go anywhere near to a girl that is under 18, you will be a huge problem. You are going to get some mature girls who are 25+ and who have played the dating game for at least 10+ years. So they will be very much experienced as compared to you.

There are a couple of tips I can give you, which might help you in getting started and gaining some experience of your own,

First of all be assertive, be an outgoing guy. A guy who is shy is considered to be low confidence person and nobody likes a loser in their life. girls like it when the guy tend to try to make an effort in talking to her as girls seldom tries to initial conversation as in our conservative society an assertive girl is instantly branded as a slut. If you still feel shy when talking to a girl, then try to take a drink or two, as alcohol has a calming effect on veins don’t’ overdo it though, no woman likes to be approached by a drunk guy.

In the society women tend to decide on what qualities they want in a man, and if they want the person interesting enough to go out with. For some women even your shyness and ability to listen can be a huge plus, because a lot of guys tend to talk a lot and never listen to the girl.

By thinking about going out with a girl and putting yourself in the dating market you have taken the most important step of the dating game itself. Now there are just three factors that will determine the outcome. First would be your ability to improve yourself, second will be how you present yourself, and third and most important would be your ability to let go of someone who you think is either not good enough or makes you uncomfortable in any way. Remember that being on the dating market is like a sea, where there are plenty of fish, you might never have seen a fisherman who cries at 1 lost fish, you might lose one fish but there are 100 fishes ready to take its place.

In the end I would say to be yourself, or as some artist said be comfortable in your own skin. Be silent if that’s what you prefer, and let your eyes and body do all the talking for you.

One Major question that is on a lot of people’s mind is where to find women to date and go out with.  If you are single and unable to find love from the starting itself you will tend to see no girl anywhere, its like the proverbial if you want money, the money runs away.

First of all, you need to understand it that unlike most guys girls have a lot of guys approaching them regularly, so they tend to be able to not put in the time to find guys. On the other hand, for a lot of guys like you and me we need to find a girl actively.

There are a few places where girls tend to congregate for living their life, major places being malls, in group activities such as gyms, library, bars, yoga, art, various college parties etc.  you have to be careful in seeing where you are going to meet them because the place where you will search them will also decide the type of girl you are going to find.

If you are seeking a girl at library, you will find a different girl than what you would have found at a late-night party in say a bar. A girl in a fancy store is going to be different than a girl at a sports event. That does not mean that all the girl are of the same type.

Now a day with the dating apps and websites such as tinder, etc., you will find that there are a lot of options for you, there are a million girls for you and you are one of 2 million guys for her. Whenever you two will match, you will find the right person for dating and all other activities you desire.

But In any case, it is always preferred that you live your life, instead of living life of something you want to be, you will avoid getting hurt both emotionally and financially.

How to get approached by girls

You do not need to be the ridiculously good looking male that you see in movies, that is just hyperbole. Almost every girl desires that she will get someone who is the next shahrukh or hritik or someone like those, but deep down they know that they are not going to get anyone like that, so most of the girls are content with someone normal. Now normal does not mean shabby.

If you ever want to land girls, then remember that you don’t need to be the next supermodel for that but just take care of that. Go to the gym 3-4-5 times a week for a few hours. Play sports which you like that contain some element of physical exertion (don’t’ take up chess as a sport, it’s a mental sport not a physical one).

Get a fashionable haircut, but don’t’ let hair grow wild in all the wrong places. Keep hair cleaned, shampooed and well made at all times.

Be fashionable, you don’t’ need to spend 5000 bucks on a fashionable T-shirt when a 300 buck shirt will just fine. The key for high fashion is not the brand itself. But the way you carry it and the fitting of the clothes. One of the worst thing that puts off a woman is baggy ill-fitting clothes. Other few things are terrible body odor, staring at boobs, no eye contact due to shyness or something, and rudeness.  If you can’t talk to a girl decently then you probably should not talk at all to them, and be a mute person.

Be nice to everyone around you, no matter who they are, not just the girls.

Be friendlier meaning don’t’ give that creep feeling to everyone around you. And learn to have some alone time. That is don’t’ put yourself in every conversation or something.

Be more outgoing – don’t go out for the girls. Instead go out for enjoying your own life. On your own terms, go to the movies even if you don’t have anyone to go out with or local sporting events for local games etc.

Don’t’ be the douche bag who does not go anywhere even. If invited thinking that he is becoming important if he does not go to a party. Go there, nobody is important in this world and everyone is important enough.

The life in itself will start to become easier for you to enjoy, meaning you will have better opportunities for employment. Because employers tend to like people who are fun, outgoing. And overall a positive influence in their office which will reflect in their company itself.

You will also start to get approached by women themselves. That is you will start to notice a trend of women making up excuses. Or just inviting you with smiles to approach them. At that time you will start to feel good in life and your sex life will get a major boost. You will have almost negligible effort in acquiring their contact info like phone numbers etc.

Girls who are paid to be nice to you like waitresses, cashiers etc. Will steadily shower you will nice gifts , discounts etc.

In other words, life will become much easier if you are willing to take care of yourself. And becoming the guy who girls would want to take care of.