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About Bengaluru Prostitutes

Bengaluru is the capital and one of the largest metropolitan city in the world. This is the capital of Great Britain and it has been continuously lived in for over last 2000 plus years. Its location is on the river Thames.

Bengaluru is a metropolitan city that was first inhabited by the Romans, it was called Londinium then. Now it is a global leader in various fields such as finance, arts, media, health, fashion, entertainment etc. it is 9th largest city by GDP in the world, the top one being Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles and Paris.

It is the largest country by the number of tourist visitors and passenger traffic on airports.Owed to its location as the capital of the former main realm the world has ever seen, Bengaluru has become an epicenter of the global culture of the world. Over 350 languages are spoken in Bengaluru alone, there isn’t’ a city or country in this world, whose city is not the resident of this city at any point in time.

That ironically has also meant that there is a demand for call girls and escorts in Bengaluru from all over the world and all cultures of the world. You name the culture and the country and you will find the girl working as an Bengaluru escort. Exotic culture girls command a premium though.

Historians Of Bengaluru

Rendering to historians the earliest indication of settlement in Bengaluru date back to 1500 BC near the Vauxhall Bridge, remains of a bridge was found there. Also, remains of a large timber structure, dated back to 4500 bc was found nearby as well.

First large-scale settlement as a city was in A.D 43 after Romans had conquered it. However, it lasted only till about year 61, when a tribe burned it to the ground. However, Bengaluru rose from the ashes and a very well planned city emerged out of the ruins.

It started to flourish very wild, and it was made the capital of a province of the Roman Empire. Being a capital has multiple advantages, one of them being access to not only power but also money, Bengaluru grew and it grew fast.

In just about 100 years, it had a stable population of 60,000 souls. even in ancient times it had a lot of famous escorts in Bengaluru most famous of them is heidi and marissa. Its said that at their brothel men of character and lots of money would go in and come out a pauper without a dime in their pocket and begging to be let back in the brothel of Bengaluru

What if the escort or escort agency Bengaluru does not call you back

Similar with any deal in the world, communication is the key. There is a change between being needy and hateful and being a guy with self-respect. if the escort or her agency cannot communicate well with you, then you have no reason to hold onto them forever. Similar, the old saying goes, one girl will go and two are ready to take her place. You just must be valued to them, and not the well-known irritating cheapo everyone tends to avoid.

I have stopped communicating with top escorts of Bengaluru and escorts agencies in Bengaluru just because they were not good in communication, I am paying for your call girl services in Bengaluru, If I call you then I expect my phone to be picked up, if I text you I expect reply of that text within a few hours unless you are doing something really urgent. You do not have time for me, then perhaps you don’t’ deserve me.

Escorts in Bengaluru

Having said that there are genuine people who suck at the communications, you should not judge them for that, however, you should bring it to their notice so that they understand that what they are doing is wrong and they need to improve their communication with you.sometimes it is much more true with the Bengaluru escort

The girls are usually inexperienced in the art of seduction and usually they are uncomfortable with it. So, you can always try to get them to be a bit comfortable if you are hiring the independent escort in Bengaluru.

If you are going with an established escort agency in Bengaluru then communication would not be much of a problem because you would be usually dealing with seasoned professionals.

Don’t’ accuse someone of not communicating

Don’t’ blame someone of not interactive and more importantly never assume the worst thing that comes to the mind, our mind is an expert in assuming the worst-case scenario that assisted when we were living in caves, but it has become more of a hindrance in our lives now. Anyways.

Just politely bring it to the attention of the Bengaluru escorts that you have noticed that they are not good in communication and they should improve on it, don’t’ assume the worst and don’t’ attack her verbally, that will only make her defensive.

If someone is a bad texter, what to do?

Don’t judge, without reproving, just ask her the reason, say something like that you have seen that she is not able to text properly, is there a reason for that. You will be sometimes wonder at the answer.

Once I asked this question to one of the top escorts of Bengaluru she told me that she expended so much time massaging clients that her fingers hurt. So, she do the simplest work that can be done. She prefers video calling instead, because it’s much easier to deal with and no headaches, and as an adding bonus video calling is way more intimate than any text reply you can find from any call girl in Bengaluru.

Give them an textimatum.

IF there is an Bengaluru escort girl that you like but she is either very inconsistent in communications or almost never replies, then you just give them a clear ultimatum, that either they should improve their communication skills with you or maybe you should just be plain acquaintances.

There is an old saying that you can’t teach old dog new tricks that usually means in this context is that people will continue to do whatever work for them in the past unless you tell them that it’s wrong. It also tells you about the Bengaluru escort that you want to keep in your life as compare to a girl who is not interesting enough to keep around.

Seriously if its just the sex in Bengaluru that you want, then you should not be communicating with her anyways. Just get down to business when you want her and ignore when you don’t’ want to spend time ( money) with her. As simple as that dont’ complicate life more than what it already is.

How to move on from the escorts.

Intimacy has a very bad influence on the human mind. It can make you believe that you have her, even when you are just paying for her time and body. It sometimes called being hungover love or puppy love .

You cannot stop yourself from developing feelings for someone, even if she is just a hooker and hookers and escorts are notorious for playing with the emotions of weak men. What you can do however is to prevent yourself from acting on those emotions.

Do not call her or text her later tell her how much you love her. Because call girl in Bengaluru has a big bullshit meter in them. They can smell it a mile away and this desperation that you will only result in either of two things. Either she understands that you have some money and you are desperate in love. In this case, you end up a gold digger in your hand that squeeze’s every last penny out of you, or if you are poor, being shut down very rudely by the Bengaluru escort. In that case, you get hurt emotionally making the situation worse than it already is.

That is also true in case of paid girlfriends who are genuine. If the girl has already moved on from you, by repeatedly texting her or calling her you will only make her firm in her decision that whatever she did is the right thing.

Do 0

Yes, the best advice when someone has break up with you is to do 0, that is do nothing, let the situation resolve itself, the relationship is not a mathematical model where 11 is always 2, the relationship is like the hydra, the proverbial monster with a thousand heads.

If she moves from your life, then you will move on with yours, always remember that she is just providing an escort service in Bengaluru .Think it like that any person, no matter who he or she thinks she is , at the end is just a passenger on a train, the journey is long, you will see a lot of people on that journey called life but in the end, it is your journey and your destination only, people will come in your life and they will go when its time to continue on with their own journey, Dont’ get hungover with love for an Bengaluru escort just get on with your life after all she is just a Bengaluru escort service.

Grow a thick skin with the Bengaluru escorts

The more experienced you will get in anything, less and less of those things will affect you. That is true to a lot of things, such as trading, relationships. And a million other things. More breakups you will endure, more immune you will become with your future relationships with an escort service in Bengaluru.

Never get too attached on anything, there always someone well out there. Whose smile is a bit wider, eyes are a bit sexier, talk a bit sweeter. And can make your life a bit better and the best part of them all that she is an independent Bengaluru escort. Never ever get hung up on that 1 person that you get.

She is not the only one in this world & life is long so to enjoy this dating game. Moreover as in case with Bengaluru escorts, you can get a new one every night so no need to waste time.

Go for more

Once you have gone through breakup phase and relaxed your mind out a bit. Nothing beats relationship blues better than meeting new girls and escorts in Bengaluru. Especially famous pubs such as sway bar, be at one etc , go to the club. The bar and everywhere in between, even if you are not looking at a new relationship. Just say hi, to everybody, you will never know where the girl of your thoughts is beating and it’s usually in basic vision.

You cannot aspect for love, love just occurs with someone who smiled at the right time at the right remark or when you could see that twinkle in her eyes. In other words, just because you are heartbroken, don’t’ rush in love, let it happen.

Hiring a Call Girl

Hiring an escort is sometimes harder than it looks because of a single reason that you don’t know what type of hooker in Bengaluru you are hiring also if she will be cooperative with you or will she have some diseases or even if she is ripping you off never mention about the host of security as well as reputation related problems.

Having said that hiring a call girl Bengaluru or an escort can be an oddly satisfying experience for you, because you will end up spending time with a girlfriend for hire in Bengaluru who will not complain about you, about your timing or if you are busy in something else, she will patiently wait for you to be free from all the stresses of life ready to have sex with her.

If you have bought a high quality escort in Bengaluru, she will give you the girlfriend experience which you probably need in your life. It’s more like having an on-demand girlfriend that is not demanding anything from you (except for her charges) and who is ready to fuck at your command without any fuss whatsoever.

There are some places where you can find tons of escorts in Bengaluru or even plain normal girls to fuck, all you have to do is look and also understand that beneath that exterior every girl and guy is the same, all it needs is a bit of motivation, right circumstances for inner slut to get out of a girl.

Ditch the bars

Most of the guys I know of expect to find easy girls in bars only. That is true to some extent because alcohol has a calming effect on the head. And it seems to lower the guards of any girl removing any cultural or society based in habitations.

But the opposite is also true, that almost every girl is being hit on by a dozen other drunk guys, offering them drinks constantly. And honestly what are your chances of competing with a girl or an escort in Bengaluru that has this much competition? This is also a place where a lot of Bengaluru escorts frequent. So, it will be a good place to find sex for night in Bengaluru as well.

A lot of my friends have met their future girlfriends or wives and even call girls and escorts in Bengaluru not at the bars but in grocery lines or in one case. Even a toll plaza. There is a difference on how to approach a girl when she is in a different place.

You would not use the lines you would use in a bar to a girl who is sitting in a coffee shop because in the bar she expects to be hit upon by dozens of guys but in the coffee shop she is just relaxing herself out from the stresses of the world.

Ask your friends

It might seem to counter-intuitive but your friends are the only thing you have in your life that is there because they want to be with you. They are not there because they expect something out of you but because they love to spend time with you. So ask your friends, your friends will know someone who has used escorts services in Bengaluru, or they themselves have used it to refer to you.

Having a known person introduce you to the escort or call girl in Bengaluru or an even hooker has multiple advantages such as knowing if the person is right, how she treated him and how she treats her customers. It also has an advantage that some types of girls, which are not only very arrogant but also they treat their customers very disrespectfully get filtered out so you will only get the most premium girls of them all, without any jacked up charges to escort agencies.

Considering your friends

There is an old saying which has a meaning somewhat similar to – whatever you were searching in the world; you found that right in your home. In this context, it means that if you need a fuck buddy, your friend is the best option for that.

Your friend is not only very comfortable with you but also, she is going to know you and every important thing about you. Also, friendship is the very basis of any meaning relationship in this world. If you can’t’ be friends with someone you can’t really love them either as friendship is the basis of all love and with it, all the sex.

While this will not be like a straight hooker experience but it will be something far superior to that as you both know each other and who knows, maybe you two can hit off romantically someday as well instead of just being a fuck buddy or in a friendship with benefits type arrangement in Bengaluru

Focus on YOU first

Scientists tell us that it takes just a few moments for a girl to decide how she is going to treat you for rest of eternity. And it will take tons of time and efforts to change that first impression. so please don’t’ make that mistake, always own the room when making an entry and don’t’ be that weak person with the weak handshake or with weak confidence who can’t meet the eye of the Bengaluru escort.

Ask yourself if you like what she says how she says and if you like to be around her (don’t’ be creepy though) if you do like her then maybe you have found the right type of girl for you. Don’t’ forget to say hi, my name is xxxxxx . Go get her tiger and make her your own personal call girl of Bengaluru if you have what it will take to get her to your bed for the night

Don’t’ be the showoff guy with a Bengaluru escort.

A lot of guys I know have a problem with showing off. It worked for James bond only but you are not James Bond. escorts can smell bullshit a mile away so if you are try to show off how cool you are, it usually means that you don’t’ have what she wants to feel satisfy herself with it can be any of the following such as money, physical prowess, emotional stability, maturity etc.

No call girl wants someone who is not emotionally stable or poor or of a diseased body or immature. Laugh at her jokes when they are funny, not when they are not funny.

Don’t talk more than necessary

It’s always advisable to not give more information than necessary on any date. Don’t’ tell her how you have searched for her or stalked her only, or how she looks like your ex-girlfriend, in other words, make her feel special by listening to what she says not by opening up about your life on the first date,

If you do that, usually girls will feel unsafe and you won’t’ have the second date, to begin with. In other words, don’t’ become an open book when you two have just started to know each other leave something for the future itself.

How you talk is more important than what you talk about

There is always a way of talking, I have seen guys who talk literally shit but they end up with a new girl on an almost every night basis. While what you talk about does matter I mean you don’t’ insult a girl over something but how you say it matters a whole lot more than that.

Follow what they see

It’s a psychological fact that whatever you like, you tend to want to see it again and again. So if you want to know what the guy or the girl is really looking for, just follow what they see, usually, it will tell you what they are really after.

For example if the guy is just looking at your boobs then he is probably just looking for sex and he is not really into you.However if he is look at your face only, then listen to what you say politely then he probably is interesting in you as a person.

In the same way if the girl is look at your avaricious expensive things such as your car or something similar, then you should probably know that she is looking for someone with money only, and she is interest only in avaricious life, Not that anything is wrong with that but you know what she is intent in before you dive in with your time and money in building this relationship.

Escorts and call girls of Bengaluru will always be intent in your money only. So only show the money which she desires in order to get the work done and not more than that. If you take her to your million dollar home, then you are in avertedly bringing a girl with loose morals to your home and making yourself as the target for future problems such as blackmails, falling in love etc.

Don’t’ let others opinion ruin yours

How you say something is more important than what you say in certain situations. If someone says that 20 friends liked your friend out of 30 people and another one says 10 friends don’t’ like your friend out of 30 people than that will make a huge difference in your opinion about a person.

The fact in the situation is the same only in first instance fact was a positive one and in the second example, the fact was a negative one. But the way the line is the frame to make all the difference between the two of you. So until you make a clear and better-informed opinion about a person you should not actually go out and start advertising about the relationship of escort or call girl. Having said that asking for an opinion a different thing while asking for a background check is a totally different thing.

The background check is to ensure that the person is not only who says he is but also to understand the motivations behind his or her actions, whatever they are. Are they emotionally unstable, or they are of a criminal mind or plain enough abusive.

Learn to move on

Sometimes there is no chemistry between the two of you. no matter how good looking she is or how good looking you are, how interesting she is or how interesting you are sometimes you two will just not click, there are going to be a lot of instances where you two are not into each other anyway, in that case, just move on.

There is no reason for you to take on a relationship in which you are not comfortable or you don’t’ feel that connection from the inside of your body and soul. In other words, if you don’t’ feel a connection or don’t’ end up thinking about her all the time, she is not the one.

How to pick the perfect escort or call girl in Bengaluru

We are always eager to provide the most premium girls money can find also the ones which can suit your budget. Our girls have luscious lips, full bodies (doesn’t’ mean they are fat, but we can arrange that as well if you are into those curvy girls). And overall really trained in the art of seduction itself.

So, you can really enjoy the companionship you will have with her. She wont’ complain if you are busy in something. She will not make faces or call you names or overall make you fell less of what you are. That’s the job of your wife to do. Our girl’s job is to make you feel like a king of her body, mind and soul.

We understand that not only you are busy but also that you would want to book an escort or call girl in Bengaluru at any type of day or night. That is why we have multiple call operators that are working day and night to not only take your calls but also to guide you to the best entertainment that you can have.

Please be advised that you are never paying for sex in our industry. You are only paying for companionship. You are only compensating the girl for her time she will be spending with you, how you spend it , that is totally up to you ( we mean sex).

Where to take the girl in case of an outcall Bengaluru escort booking

There are multiple places you can take the girl for outcall booking, a dinner at a nice place is always a safe bet. Take the girl at a fancy restaurant and enjoy a bit of time with her. Get to know her a bit better. Once you know a girl for a few hours it will become much easier for you to get in the mood for passionate love making later on in the night.

There are many people who are just ready for sex as soon as the girl comes in the room. But that is not what what its about. A plain physical sex is not something that will make you feel good. It never did to anyone. Sex is the end point of knowing someone not the starting point.

If you jump right into the sex it will be no different than you just masturbating. Only instead of your hand it’s the girls pussy that you are using. Trust me there is no fun in that. By asking you to know the girl we never mean that you start to get involved in her life.

She is an escort and a call girl in Bengaluru, don’t’ be the stupid customer who falls in love with a prostitute in Bengaluru. She is just a hooker or a call girl or an escort or an prostitute, whatever you want to call her. Treat her with a respect like you would to any other girl. But keep and maintain distance at all times.

As the Confucius had said that everyone has beauty but not everyone is able to see it. That is true of our agency as well. We don’t’ select girls based on their looks only. Her charm and the way she makes us( you) feel matters a whole lot more as well. So, with us, you can be 100% sure that whomsoever you see, will be the girl you will get. What happens between the two after that is a choice between two consenting adults.

One of the main reasons why we have stayed in this industry for so long. And not shut shop like a lot of fly by night operators is because we have always maintained out standards. No matter if the business is slow or booming, we never cut corners or jack up our prices.

We have remained stable throughout and that is the reason why we have such a loyal following of regular patrons. And customers and also a lot of referral customers. When we take on a new girl we ensure that she is able to meet high standards which you expect from us.

That is done in multiple ways, first we do a face to face meeting with the girl. And out existing girls, and then depending on the feedback. We arrange for a few grooming sessions to bring her at par. After that we take a full situational analysis on her meaning why is she entering industry etc. If she has any medical issues, any past criminal records among other things.

Then we test her out by sending her to a few trusted clients of ours who like the raw girls. The girls are usually not sophisticated at this point but based on the client feedback. We polish them out, ready to give you time of your life. Clients require discretion on our part, and we ensure that they get it.

Our girls will never wear shiny clothes which can draw attention to them. They wear sober clothes that will make them invisible for most if not all the people. No matter where our escorts meet you. It can be a hotel or at your home or at even the girls home. Its very discreet and very safe and in case of any issues or questions by anyone later on.

They will say that they had some documents that you needed to sign we usually say it’s a holiday package for your friends which you wanted to gift to your friend at his wedding. Usually it does the trick.

Why can’t I find proper escorts in Bengaluru

There a few common reasons why you are unable to find proper escorts in Bengaluru a few of the most common ones are

You constantly go for the wrong girls. Everyone has a type of a person that she/he wants to be with. You may think that you like white girls or black girls, curvy girls or light as a feather girl. But that is almost always not the case. These are just exteriors of the body, while face is important to initiate a communication.

As soon as she will open her mouth all her beauty wont’ matter if she isn’t well spoken or makes you feel inferior or some other negative thing. So always go in with an open mind and don’t’ just the escort with just a pretty picture. Just talk to her for a bit of time and you will either have a time of your life. Or be bored or irritated with the miss world. Choice is yours.

You create the personality in your mind.

More than often I have seen both guys and girls who fall in love hopelessly like instantly. When you meet a person he/she is like a new notebook which does not contain anything. As you meet them regularly you start to get experiences with them. And it also tells you about what they are and what they are not.

But if you are in a habit of falling in love instantly, then you will start to create the person you want her to be instead of how she is now. And when the reality of her will hit you, you will only end up getting really hurt with the situation. So try not to create the person in the mind how you want her to be instead get to know her a few times.

You are seeking out busy Bengaluru escorts.

Sometimes people will go out with someone just because either they are free that day or they just want you for what you have and not what you are ( money/ sex). If someone says that he or she is free that does not mean she is actually free and actively looking for fun. All it means is that they are free that day.

Sometimes girls/guys will lie about what they are, their marital status, if they have a bf/gf or even if they have really complicated life emotionally like being still hung up on their ex or childhood memories. Stay away from these types of people because even though you may think you can fix those souls.

But its neither your responsibility not your forte to do it. You are only setting up yourself to be emotionally and monetarily hurt. Just remember that you are just hiring an escort in Bengaluru, nothing more and nothing less than that.

You think you don’t’ deserve love or sex

If you think you don’t’ deserve love or sex, then that is exactly what you will be getting. Its an old saying that karma is a bitch, and your world is a shadow of what you are. If you are broke then all you will see are broke people , you may see some rich people.

But you wont’ actually be knowing them or even making an effort to meet them. You will be creating the world in your shadow, letting in the people who you think fit that narrative only.

If you think that you are so broken or have some other issue that actively prevents you from having a meaning relationship or even sex. Then that is what exactly you will get and not some good girl to make your life a living heaven in Bengaluru.

You are afraid of making yourself emotionally connected

If you are afraid of getting hurt emotionally so much that you put in walls around your heart mind and soul. Never letting anyone in that, then you will never get what you want or what you deserve. All relationships you enter will be more or less like a acquaintances in which you both are scratching his back.

And she will be scratching yours ( metaphorically) and the second you need to separate, you wont’ feel a moments sadness over it. That is good as well as bad because both of you wont’ be investing your time in each other.

Be clear on your needs with the Bengaluru escort.

Its OK to be selfish in a relationship ( within commonsense limits of course) its ok to want someone who is financially independent by themselves who is beautiful enough to be introduced to your friends.

And who is decent enough to be introduces to family. But you should be clear on your needs, if you are looking for a wife or an escort, a call girl for the night or a friend with benefits. If you are not clear on your goals, you will almost always end up being sad and you wont’ even know why you are sad.

The Best tips for a everlasting fun in bed with the Bengaluru escorts.

There are tons of advisory articles you will find all over the internet telling you what you should be doing or should not be doing with the girl in bed. I have collected and curated the following list of things that you should be doing ( or should not be doing) in bed or general life with her.

Sex is not like a game or a dish that has a time limit, like it has to be finished within x amount of time. Its something that you can only feel and enjoy, actual sex lasts only a few minutes. It’s the foreplay that will make it worthwhile, otherwise there isn’t much of a difference between fucking a Bengaluru escort or masturbating with your hand.

Foreplay is the key. Don’t’ rush in, take in your time and make her feel crazy. Keep away from vagina by a few inches and caress her body for an hour or something, slowly and steadily kiss and very gently rub her body. So, she will feel aroused with desire to have you.

Only after she cannot take any more you should start the physical sex itself. Sex isn’t a race, the slower you will go , longer you will last, and longer you will make the girl feel wow, sooner and more frequently she will be back for more. It’s a win for both of you.


Don’t rush in sex, sex is supposed to be enjoyed and not something that you rush into. It isn’t a gym exercise that you have a set schedule with. Relax and give her time to come in the mood for sex, whenever you want to have sex make sure that both of you have at least an hour of time between chores. You don’t’ want a situation in which she is thinking about her next customer or her next chore to do.

Audio response.

We all have been trained from an early life that sex sounds are a sin or sex is something that should be hidden or something. That is true of almost all the cultures of the world. Its not, embrace the sex, make her feel wild, whenever you are having sex like oral sex or passionate love making with a Bengaluru escort make sure that she can feel that you are feeling great too.

That doesn’t’ mean that you become an exhibitionist ( showing off to your neighbors or something) just make her feel that she is able to pleasure her man of the moment. That’s usually enough.

Experiment in bed with Bengaluru escorts

Never be shy of experimenting with sex, I have seen couples where they have been doing the same position for last 30-40 years of their life. Usually it’s the missionary position. There are far too many ways you can experiment with sexual positions with call girls of Bengaluru that you will try a position a day and use a whole lifetime.

And still not finished with the sexual positions. You can start by moving a bit more than usual in any direction to vary the sexual stimulation and you will have a new sexual position that your partner likes. Keep on trying and you will find something new every day to spice up your sexual life.

Play the games.

Write sexual fantasies and make them come to life, ask the partner to write something kinky stuff. Something amusing, something that they can only imagine in their mind.

Then put all those stories in a safe place with you. then make that sex story come to life as a sex surprise someday. Your partner will love you so much and she will give you so much love that you will go like crazy wild with it.

Mirror her

Its said that mirroring is the best form of flattery. You simply try to mirror all her moves with you. the pressure on your chest. The way she kisses you or the way she gives a blowjob in Bengaluru. You simply mirror them all, and make her not only want you so much more but also it will spice up your sex life a bit.

Hit the gym together.

Exercise usually releases dopamine which is a feel good hormone in body. It will relax her body and mind a bit, also post exercise sweat of both of you have a chemical cocktail of hormones. That will make her more aroused resulting in a much more stronger desire to bed you.

Compliment her often

You should always compliment the girl , but never overdo it and she will always know if someone is bullshitting her. Include two or more senses in the compliment, instead of your saying that your eyes look beautiful. Say something like your blue eyes are so beautiful like the perfect ocean that I can kiss those. It will feel much more intimate, ensure that its not creepy though.

Don’t’ become desperate.

There are times when the girl will come to you normally. And start talking flirty with you, remember that 99% of the times. She is doing that to satisfy herself that she still has the guy by the balls.

She is still beautiful and wanted by men, as soon as she is satisfied that she still got it, she will dump you. Never take contempt for yourself from anyone, if you feel she is just fishing for compliments. Or if she talks rudely to you, never be afraid to walk away. If she is talking rudely to you, then you already have lost the game.

You very well save your own self-respect. And the second you will walk away, she will lose all that power over you and many times girls will come back to talk properly to you. Never become desperate for a girl who just talked to you , don’t’ treat her like some sort of a queen and you as her slave.

She is not the queen and you are not the slave, one such phony queens will go and two such girls are ready to take her place.

Find her sex trigger aka Gspot.

There is a special skin tissue inside the vagina that is extremely sensitive to touch, and that tissue can make a girl go crazy. So, much as that if you can find the Gspot correctly for the girl, you can make her weak in the knees. It’s not easy to find the Gspot but it’s not difficult either, its located on a different position for all the girls, it’s about 2 inches inside the vagina walls.

Use yourself properly

Your body is capable of moving in 360 degrees so which should you move in only one direction? Forward then backward or to and fro motions. Don’t do that, move your body in a hundred type of motions like front back.Top down, left to right to left with various degrees of pressure and speed. And intensity of each at every part of the body of Bengaluru escort. A single part like a tongue can do over a thousand different motions of various types. You wont’ regret it, trust me on that.

Call her or text her soon

Ideally as soon as you are parted, send her a text message saying that I had a good time and we should get together some time again soon, nothing more, nothing less.

There is no reason for you to delay anything for more than 48 hours, if you can hire an escort in Bengaluru then you both are mature enough to not to engage yourself in childish school games.

The time that it will take you to look cool, someone else will end up fucking her. This does NOT mean that you end up looking like a desperate guy messaging her every 2 minutes, just send message once, or twice a couple of days later, no more.

If she does not reply, she does not WANT to reply to you. in that case best thing is to just move on with life and try to find another Bengaluru escort or call girl that will be able to fulfill your needs in Bengaluru or greater Bengaluru area. There are plenty of fish man. Don’t’ get hung over one.

Patience in foreplay.

A lot of guys have a habit of running towards the pussy at the time of foreplay. DON’T the purpose of foreplay is to have fun, enjoy a bit of time and put body in the tension. That would be released at the time of actual sex only so that you can ride to the moon.

If you think foreplay is done on the pussy, then you are wrong, foreplay is playing with the body, everything except for the pussy. From arms to legs to belly to ears to eyes and hair, everything is included.

It might come as a surprise for you , but generally foreplay can last like 2-5 hours if you can hold it. And it will make sex with the escort 1000 percent more enjoyable then plain dick in the pussy sex for 10 minutes.

Dirty Talk with an escort in Bengaluru.

Men can be generally surprised at the level of dirty talk girls can do, most of the girls act very cultured in front of everyone but as soon as you will start dirty talk, with light flirting. And make her comfortable you will be surprised to know her inner slut. It will dramatically improve your sex with the girl.

Flat her

When I say flat her , I don’t’ mean to say physically flat her, I mean to say compliment her on something that she does or says or looks like except for her vagina. The more flattered and compliments she will get from you more connected.

She will be with you and more connected she is with you on an emotional level, more enjoyment she can provide you in the sex. Emotional connection seem to provide some sort of an hormonal response increasing attachment in the girls. You will know the difference between the two when you will start fucking your girlfriend and try it on a paid Bengaluru escort, its like night and day.

Smell the way she likes it.

You have to remember that colognes and perfumes for others not you. You can like any perfume or cologne but your nose will go numb in a few minutes from the smell and you wont’ actually be able to smell the perfume at all. It’s the others who will be smelling it.

So, if you want a girl to get more close go for a cologne or perfume shopping with her, and let her choose the scent for you, the more and the better scent she likes , better your chances of getting her to bed at next chance. You wont’ be able to smell the perfume anyway so why even bother.

Hold her.

It might seem counter intuitive but you should actually hold the girls hand. Make her feel that she is safe, and someone is with her, and no matter what you will protect her. This will build trust which in turn will build intimacy and allow her to open her mind body and soul for you. Which in turn, believe me or not will usually result in mind blowing sex.

Praise the Bengaluru escort

Praise her often and praise her in front of her friends and family. Try to create situations in which instead of you praising her in front of her friends. You praise her to her friends in absence of her like when she is in rest room or something.

Just like insults behind back cut the deepest , praise behind back will make her love you deepest as well. Show her that you are not afraid of sharing with the world that she is a good girl. And she is worth sharing with family and friends ( metaphorically).

Kiss and leave it at that.

Men generally tend to use kiss as a sort of a starting point in which they expect the situation to develop with the end being sex. But women don’t’ see kiss as such. They see kiss as more of a barometer to judge how good the relationship is.

How intimate are you into her. If you kiss her without creating a situation to lead to sex. It will show her that you love her for what she is and not like a hole in which to put your dick in. It will build intimacy and improve your relationship with the girl manifold.

Keep it dark with light music

One of the biggest turnoffs for a girl is light, I think it has something to do with the upbringing in current society where light is equated with being seen. And darkness is seen as being private (privacy) also a lot of girls have body image issues.

So, do your girl a favor and keep the lights down. Not totally dark, but dark enough that nobody else can see inside. There is old saying that means something like your true self is revealed when nobody is watching.

Be with her, when you are with her.

Passion and intimacy are both one side of coin and the other one is being bored. If you two are going to make love and are in foreplay then be with her fully. In the mind body and soul. Don’t’ act like you are doing some sort of a charity to her by fucking her. And you rather have your phone with you than to do some foreplay. Uninterested couples make for the worst sex experiences for both.

Bring sexual tension in environment.

Try to paint an audio vivid picture of sexual fantasy in your partners ear. When you are in public, and make sure nobody else can hear. It out meaning don’t do voyeurism. Make her wet in her panties or pants and create a desire for her to have you.

There is no possibility of you two getting intimate right there so it will make both of you crazy with imagination. And when that dam of imagination will burst in your bedroom, you both will be over the moon of pleasure.

Create mystery of her body.

Paint a picture in her mind of each of her body parts, when you two are going to get intimate. Don’t’ rush into sex , slowly by steadily take one cloth at a time. And intimately explain to her what you will do to that body part, kinda like sex chatlines of the 70’s and 80’s. it will release dopamine in her blood making the escort really want you inside of her.

Ask her to teach you, how to kiss.

You will be surprised how men think themselves to be great kissers. but they are just licking the lips or sucking her tongue out, a kiss is a passionate form of intimacy in which both you two and your bodies have started to know each other.

Go for shopping , kinky and erotic style.

To spice things up with your partner, try to go out for a shopping. To buy kinky and erotic stuff, it can be sex toys to cock rings to butt plus. Everything and anything is allowed.

You will be surprised at the fantasies you both can do and in any case you will know what type of thing is she into. And use that knowledge to interest her and surprise her in bed. Making her fantasies come true, which she probably didn’t’ think of herself.

Variety in place.

Try to do sex with the escort at a place where you have not done before, like on the kitchen table, on the sofa, in the balcony (when nobody is looking) etc. Same old ways fucking will lead to same old experiences, which will lead to a monotonous routine.

Which after a while becomes boring, so keep mixing stuff and keep bringing fresh ideas and to life and fresh blood in your relationships. You will enjoy and last far longer.

Give her chocolate and coffee and watch the magic unfurl on your bed.

Chocolate contains a type of neutron transmitter that activates the pleasure sensors of the brain. So, and your sex will only enhance it. Coffee contains caffeine that reduces stress levels in the body and makes entire body less sensitive to fatigue.

Resulting it a much more optimal duration of sex. If you don’t’ have coffee with you there, then you can also use mountain dew or some energy drink like red bull. So, if you ever want to do her all night long, then try it. Your dick just might fall off from the loads of sex you will have all night long,

Try the Elevator.

Risks of being discovered during sex is a power aphrodisiac. Try to stop the elevator or lift on the top floor, and try to fuck the Bengaluru escort there. It will do a strong adrenaline rush in both your bodies magnifying sex pleasure multiple times.

Top ways to catch the Bengaluru escort

There used to be many ways guys used to get the girls in the old ages, with the advent of internet and mobiles, a lot of things have become much more mobile and location friendly.

In earlier times men used to check women out and either they were ogling at them or outright staring at them, that is now changing rapidly, due to changing attitudes towards sex and relationships. Women are no longer restrained as such with social norms as they were before, now they stare as much as they want, more openly and with much more confidence than before. Also please remember that there is a difference between taking a quick glance, or ogling and staring , you can catch a quick glance , if she is good enough even ogle a bit without making her uncomfortable, but never stare, and certainly never at her boobs or ass or even vagina, it will usually end up with you in prison or hospital.

Reference dating to online dating to apps and location based dating.

Earlier it used to mostly your friends or family who would put you up on a date with the girls they thought were good enough for you. They never seek out the adventurous or the rebellious type girls because they thought there were not wife material, and that the independent girls are prostitutes, hookers, escorts or usually not a wife material.

Guys lost out on a LOT of independent strong women because of this thinking. With advent of location based dating such as tinder and all, you can find out who is available, and in your vicinity.

It has opened a lot of potentials for you. it has also destined that you are now free to trial, both guys and girls to get to the fun of their life without getting into any sort of a prejudice or relationship or anything, it can even be a one night stand with girl in Bengaluru.

Always be ready

There is a saying in India that says wherever you find a pussy or a snake beat it, (reference to pussy is to fuck it and for the snake is to kill it). And for that you will need to be always ready to strike. Wherever you want, make sure you tools of the trade are always ready with you. That includes but not limited to.

Having clean set of clothes in your car, good deodorant, some emergency date money for dinners and possibly hotel room. Always in a habit of keeping your phone charged full at all times.

And always try to keep your time free. You will never know when a girl can come calling because she could not find another guy to go out on a date with her at a short notice. You just might land a model that way, someone who is way out of your league but you just got her because you were the one available, there itself.

Sexting with the Bengaluru escort.

Usually it used to be with dirty talking, you will say something sexy in her ear. And she will smile, and come a bit closer, now with the rise in technology its sexting. That is you giving her subtle sex messages in text messages. Earlier you would get response immediately and now you have just her words to fall back on.

Earlier you had to be in a private place like bedroom to be able to do dirty talk. But now you can do dirty talk across the world with any escort or call girl you like. World has truly become a completely connected place.

World is Dating.

In this world, with the start of these dating a lot of lines have been blurred between dating and escorting. Now you can have multiple dates or escorts in one night. Just remember that it’s a double edge sword.

It cuts both ways, just like you think of yourself as a stud by being with multiple women in one night. The girls feel sexy by getting fucked by multiple guys in one night itself. Only guys have a habit of bragging about it, girls have the veil of modesty with them.

Read between the lines and take subtle hint.

Forget what she says, the words she used and understand what she means. If she is saying that she is not seeing anyone. That does not mean that she is not looking for someone special or she is not into you.

What she is saying is that she is going on a date with many guys and even sleeping around with many of those, but none is good enough to be called a boyfriend.

And are you good enough to be her boyfriend? If you cant’ take or understand that, you will probably miss around 99.99% of sex opportunities for sex. As girls are almost never going to say – please fuck me tonight, unless you are a celebrity or a handsome hunk or a stud